Mid-century Modern Dresser

You’ll find that most of my projects start with some sort of inspiration from Pinterest, because that what Pinterest is there for, right? Adam and I got this mid-century modern style dresser for free out of his old rent-house (roommates came and went often, sometimes leaving furniture behind in the dumping ground of the converted garage space). As you can see it’s a little blah and way too orange-y for my tastes, and I wanted to give it a bit of pop.


The only issue was that the top of the dresser has a sheet of laminate fused to it (common in 50s and 60s furniture), which is not something that can be sanded down and re-stained. I’m really loving the character of natural wood these days and I didn’t want to just paint the whole thing.

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Hello World!

Ignore my little blingy work lanyard ;)

Ignore my little blingy work lanyard 😉

My name is Megan Elise, and I’ve always had a passion for DIY and for making things look chic on a dime. I really wanted a space where I could share my projects and help others accomplish their DIY dreams. For now, I’ll be posting furniture and art projects, as well as general tips on how I decorate for minimal $$ (without looking cheap of course!). In a few months however, I’m planning on buying a home and featuring room by room redesigns, which should be a lot of fun. I’m looking forward to having a few of you along for the journey with me!