Apartment Tour

Well I said I would do it, and I finally am! The apartment tour! Those with a keen eye will see that not all the pictures are current, but I wanted to give you a good idea of the whole apartment while it was somewhat clean, and I had already started packing by the time I fully dedicated myself to getting pictures haha. Here’s the place Adam and I called home for a year and a half:

floor plan

Here’s the layout of our two story one-bedroom apartment. Ours was actually flipped from the plan.

Front Exterior: 

We had this wreath hung all summer on our front door

We had this wreath hung all summer on our front door

We had a townhome style apartment, so we had our own little yard to mulch/decorate. That purple jew plant in the corner exploded in size by the time we left!

We had a townhome style apartment, so we had our own little yard to mulch/decorate. That purple jew plant in the corner exploded in size by the time we left!

Living Room/Kitchen:

front door

I got this little frame years ago at a garage sale for $2. I’ve always liked to put it around my peephole, Friends-style.

mirror wall

These are $12 Walmart mirrors hung horizontally. It really helped brighten up the entry and even the stairwell, which is good because there was no light fixture above the stairs.

gallery wall

This is the gallery wall we set up on the wall that hides the stairs. I painted all of the canvas pieces =)

living room 1

This blurry shot is standing in front of the dining room looking towards the front

living room 2

Here’s our painted chair that we set up in the corner next to the breakfast bar

bar cart

Adam got me this bar cart for Christmas last year and I love it! I just have to add a stemware holder under the top shelf and it’ll be perfect.


Here’s our fireplace with the gold leaf art I did and the little golden stag I spray painted.

living room 3

Here’s the Haverty’s couch I bought myself for Christmas last year (yes I buy myself Christmas gifts) that I’m still in love with ❤

entertainment center

Here’s the entertainment center that Dad helped me build, and yes I’m watching Star Trek here.

breakfast bar 2

You can see the old yellow chair in the corner here! I actually added metallic peel and stick wallpaper from Target to this wall under the bar, which is hard to see the detail of here.

breakfast bar

Here’s a close up of my breakfast bar set up


I also added the wallpaper on my backsplash in the kitchen, which you can see a little better with the light reflecting on it. (btw, so happy to have a bigger kitchen now!)

Back Patio:


This is the pond that was in off our back patio. I loved having the fountain out there, but hated being too short to see it over the solid balcony wall while sitting down haha.


We hung the patio lights out there with a staple gun and got a plug adapter that can screw into a light socket, so that we could turn them on and off at the switch.


bed canopy

Here’s our canopy that we made for less than $30 with IKEA rods and curtains. I made new pillows for the bed below. I also made the headboard.

DIY pillow

New pillows! Love the graphic pattern, and now that the big ones are double wrapped in fabric we don’t get down feathers coming out all the time haha.


Here’s the mid-century modern dresser I re-did.

fiddle leaf fig

And finally Porthos, our first fiddle leaf fig who has since died and been replaced. We name our house plants so we have more motivation to try and keep them alive, but fiddle leaf’s are finicky darn it! I think we have the trick now.

We were sad to leave the place behind because it really did feel like home, but we’re so happy in the new house now. Nothing compares to having a vision for a space and having the legal ability to make it happen haha. Not to mention all the extra space!

Hope you enjoyed the tour!


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