Decor Sneak Peak

Dining table

So one of the things about renovating a whole house is that you eventually reach a plateau. You work your butt off for weeks and you finally get to a point where it’s livable and you start taking some much needed breaks. And then those breaks multiply until you’re maybe doing one productive thing a week instead of 20. It’s really easy when you get to that point to look around and start getting depressed and dissatisfied with your progress, and I’ve been having a hard time with that this week.

I’m also a perfectionist so it’s difficult for me to post pictures of spaces before they’re totally done, but we all know that nothing is ever totally done haha. I’m going to make it my goal in this post to say nothing about what still needs to be done in each space, and instead focus on how much we’ve accomplished in a short amount of time. Tomorrow marks 2 months since Day 1, and I think we’ve come a long way. This is a spontaneous post, so some of the pictures are older and I will mention when we’ve gotten more done than is shown in a photo :p.

Living Room

Great room

This is the view from the entryway when you first walk into the house. You can see my picture ledges leaning against the entry wall, which I’ve since put up right there (below).

Entertainment Center

This is my most re-pinned project on Pinterest, and one of my favorite pieces of furniture we have. I’ve since done some chalk art on that little chalk-board fronted box on the right, it holds my knitting. (I’m watching Supernatural btw.)

Bar cart

This is my beloved bar cart that Adam got me for Christmas last year and a piece of DIY artwork I did. Our recent house warming party filled up that little wine rack and then some haha.


Everything on the wall is DIY artwork (the 3 frames hold silhouettes of an air balloon, power-lines, and a ferris wheel printed on book pages). This is on the far wall across from the fireplace

Photo Shelves

This is partly in the entry way, partly in the living room, so I’m including it here. Comment if you know of any reliable photo ordering places, I need to put some pictures of Kitty up there!

Dining Room

Dining room

This is standing close to the back doors looking into the dining room. I added the sideboard and got the table set for fall.


I raided Hobby Lobby big time for this one! The sideboard is from and it came unstained so I got to pick the awesome weathered gray stain you see here. We’re going to start planning dinners on the big chalkboard I bought and decorated with a chalk marker.

Dining table

My fall runner is from Homegoods and says all sorts of wonderful things like “Apple Cider” and “Bonfire”. I grabbed some navy blue dinner napkins at a model home sale for super cheap and bought some gorgeous hammered metal napkin rings on that I put out last night. (see below)


I had the square bowls already, but I wanted to be able to fully set the table so I ordered some more dinner and salad plates off I love the mix of the square modern plate/bowl and the more traditional taupe plates.


This is Porthos II. We name our plants to make it less likely that we’ll forget about them and kill them, but by the II you may deduce that we weren’t successful with Porthos I. To be fair, fiddle leaf figs are notoriously difficult, but I think with a new trick from View Along the Way, we’ll be able to keep this one alive. I love the little wicker basket I got for him at Hobby Lobby with my 40% off coupon.


I’d also like to take a moment to appreciate how much the animals love being in the new house. They have so much space to run around, and we have no blinds on the back windows so Kitty gets to enjoy lovely views like this all day. Mocha loves spending time out in the backyard smelling every blade of grass haha.

Other Spaces


My grandma got this wreath at a garage sale for $3 and graciously let me have it when I told her I was looking for a fall wreath. We’ve since painted the door Wythe Blue by Benjamin Moore, but I love the wreath with the simple white background.


Here’s the master bedroom. We’ve gotten rid of a few more boxes in here, got the closet organized, and hung curtains. I can’t wait to hang the white curtains back up over the bed like we had at the apartment.


Here’s the mid-century modern dresser I refinished, and some artwork I got for like $5 at a model home sale. I also made the sphere on the right with embroidery hoops and the frosted candle holders with different sized rubber bands and spray frost.


I love these coral prints and driftwood colored frames I got at IKEA. Sorry, but I just can’t resist going a little nautical in the bathroom. Call me cliche 😉

Guest Room 2

I recently installed a little floating shelf in that corner next to the bed, perfect for sitting a charging phone when we have more than one person staying over. This is my old bed from when I was single, so it’s got a 4″ foam topper and I made the upholstered headboard years ago. It’s really important to me for my guests to feel comfortable and cozy when they stay.

Guest Room

Here’s the set up of the nightstand in the guest room. The little clock on top of the books was given to me by my great uncle, who had a clock collection. It’s so cute and I love it!

Sleeping Kitty

I also feel like I didn’t mention/show Kitty enough in this post, so here’s an adorable picture of him snuggling with my knitting.

I’ve gotten more there’s a few rooms not here because I don’t have recent pictures yet, like the hall bath and Adam’s room, but not to worry! I’ll have more to share soon. Starting this week I’m going to get aggressive about finishing up all this small projects here and there that have been stressing me out. Wish me luck!


2 thoughts on “Decor Sneak Peak

  1. Kim Woodward says:

    I can totally relate to the feeling of “meh” after all the work to get into a house. I am feeling that way right now. But I hope you are enjoying your beautiful space – it’s such a warm and inviting home.

    Liked by 1 person

    • meganelisediy says:

      I just told my fiancé “OMG one of my favorite DIY bloggers just commented on MY blog!!” Thanks so much Kim, I’ve done a TON more since this post, and we’re coming up on the year mark since starting the reno, so I’m wanting to do a 1-year anniversary post with all the progress. Stay tuned!


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