First House – Week 3

Week 3 was about finishing touches and packing (which isn’t as fun to photograph). Adam got almost all the flooring done during week 3, with the exception of our master closet, a strip in the dining room, the entry way, and some tricky cuts around the fireplace.

flooring 1

This hallway took FOREVER because of all the tricky cuts around the doors.

flooring 2

Guest room flooring done!

flooring 3

Mocha likes the new floors and open space!

flooring 4

Adam finishing up the kitchen…isn’t he a doll for working so hard?

flooring 5

Here’s a larger shot of the living room and newly white-washed fireplace.

Speaking of which, here’s a closer shot of the fireplace:

whitewash 2

If I were to whitewash brick again, I would have spent more time cleaning the soot stained brick. I bought a soot eraser and it got some of it off, but it was really slow going and I was impatient to get started. I thought the paint would just cover the soot, but instead the soot colored the paint a bit and no amount of subsequent drying and secondary coats really covered it. I still like it better than the pinky-orange brick, so it’s still a win in my book. I can’t wait to build an awesome cedar beam mantle for it! Here’s my inspiration for the fireplace:

I want my mantle to look like the ceiling beams here

I want my mantle to look like the ceiling beams here

I got the baseboards installed in Adam’s music room/study, and that’s still the only room I have them up in haha. I wanted to get it done before we moved in, but they all still have to be sanded and painted and now that the furniture is in the way I’ve lost my motivation a bit. SOON!

baseboards 1

Looks nice and finished with the baseboards in; still have to caulk though!

I also want to take a minute to compare our laminate that we got through with the cheap laminate that was hanging out in the shed, but not installed anywhere (??). The texture on ours has so much depth and dimension, and I love the rustic real wood look. It definitely doesn’t look like cheap laminate, and we got such a great deal on it too at only $1.69/sqft. They’re not paying me to say anything about it, I just love it and would recommend it to anybody!

laminate comparison

I got the hall bath hardware installed, and got the tiles prepped for resurfacing. This involved an hour or two scrubbing with a special cleanser (3 times! Can you say rinse and repeat?) and then going over each tile with steel wool in little circles between scrubbing and drying until everything was all clean and shiny. I will say that if you have tile that’s dingy but a color you can live with, steel wool really brings it back to life.

tile prep

Shiny Shiny!

toilet paper holder

towel hooks

towel ring

I like hooks better than towel bars because I think it’s more practical and looks neater when you have a partner (or children) who will NOT usually take the time to neatly fold a towel before hanging it. I have a hard enough time following behind Adam to keep the nicely folded hand towels looking good haha. You might also notice I started switching out the light switches to BRIGHT WHITE instead of nasty almond yellow! I’m determined to get rid of every inch of yellow-y white in the entire house. The toilets are switched out, the light switches are done, so I’m looking at you trim and outlet covers!

Another thing that I’m super happy about is switching out the front door! You might remember the awful brown, yellow, and orange stained glass front door that we had before. The trim was popping off and the stained glass had this weird plastic ridged texture on it.

old door

After that glowing review, anyone want to buy a door?

In comes our new beautiful craftsman style door!!

new door

The door was originally installed off center (I guess for the doorbell? Who knows.) and it was too much of a pain to move the whole opening over an inch or two, so c’est la vie. I’m going to eventually paint the whole exterior dark gray with bright white trim, and the front door is going to be Wythe Blue by Benjamin Moore. I already bought the door paint, I just need to find time to paint when the mosquitoes aren’t swarming! You know, like any time besides when I get off work in the evenings. Here’s the inspiration for the exterior:

Exterior Inspiration

We’ll probably replace the garage doors this winter, and I’d love to get a front porch swing! That’s the exact shade of gray I’m doing too.

front door

Here’s Wythe Blue in action on a door, but I would go with a brighter white trim. I’m going to wrap the front porch column in cedar and do these same address numbers on it too.

I also got the entry light installed. I love drum shades and hate boob lights, so this was a nice find from IKEA. Fair warning, my kit didn’t come with electric caps or mounting screws, which was weird. Maybe mine was a return or something, maybe that’s just how IKEA rolls.

entry light

I’m going to wrap up this post with a few pictures of our cat enjoying the packing, because lord knows there’s nothing else exciting or pretty about the packing process haha.

kitty packing

Packing kitty

I think he wonders why we don’t just have empty boxes sitting out all the time.

That’s all for week 3! I’m going to combine week 4 and 5 together for next time, since the changes happen much more slowly once you get all the big stuff out of the way! Furnishings are coming, furnishings are coming! Thanks for reading! =)


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