Birthday Update

Oh my word it’s been too long since my last post! See, I have a dirty secret, and that’s that the perfectionist in me doesn’t like doing things unless I can do them perfectly. And I’ve been hating having to take all my blog pictures on my phone in my dark apartment. That being said, my birthday was on Monday and I got a nice new (to me) digital camera from my dad! I’m thinking about getting a reflector as well, once I learn how to use the camera.

I’ve been waiting for the camera before I do my next big post, which will be an apartment tour! Not as fun as a house tour, but the house search has been infuriatingly competitive and we might not be able to get anything until the fall when the market cools down a little. I’ve put a lot of love and time into decorating our apartment over the last year and half, so why not document it!

Now I just have to deep clean the entire apartment so it’s photo-worthy and get some pictures taken! Wish me luck!


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