8 DIY Chandeliers

8 DIY Chandeliers

Today’s post is a collection of amazing DIY hanging lights and chandeliers from other DIY bloggers. Some of them are fairly simple, and others are pretty time-consuming/tricky, but all of them make a statement in any room!

1. Capiz Shell Tealight Holder turned Chandelier

Capiz Shell Chandelier

This is a fairly simple project made from a tea-light holder. I’ve recently seen a couple just like it at Home Goods, ready to be made into awesome chandeliers like this one! Instructions are over at viewalongtheway.com

2. Geometric Wooden Light

Geometric Light

This one is also from viewalongtheway.com, but it requires a higher skill level because it involves a lot of precise angles and cuts. Be sure to check out her amazing $157 laundry room makeover while you’re at it!

3. Target hacked hanging lights

Hanging Industrial Lights

These hacked bedside lights are featured on apartmenttherapy.com, and while there aren’t detailed instructions, there’s a tour of a young couple’s adorable Hoboken apartment. The lights themselves are about $23 ea at Target, and the brackets look like they would be pretty simple to whip up. I’ve seen other versions of this hack on Pinterest, but I like the look and simplicity of this one best. You could also use this trick for any other pendent light!

4. Rustic Mason Jar Chandelier 

Rusic Mason Jar Chandelier

This one is great if you already have one of those cheap strip vanity lights. Recycling at it’s finest! It was featured on remodelaholic.com and looks awesome with those Edison bulbs!

5. Bubble Drum Shade Chandelier 

Bubble Chandelier

What a great and affordable way to dress up a drum shade! I found this one on ikeahackers.net, complete with full instructions. It looks a little time-intensive, but not very complicated. I love the touch of glamour!

6. Silver Leaf Drum Shade

Metallic Drum Shade

This is the same IKEA drum shade, but done just a bit differently. This looks a little simpler than the one with the bubbles, and provides a much more subtle touch of glam. Check out detailed instructions on designsponge.com

7. String Orb Chandelier

String Chandelier

Scroll down for English instructions on inspireramera.se. This modern looking chandelier can be made using an exercise ball, wallpaper glue, and paper cord. I saw a trio of lamps that looked just like this at a super upscale kitchen and bath showroom the other day!

8. Wax Paper “Capiz Shell” Chandelier

Wax Paper Capiz Chandelier

Here’s another one from remodelaholic.com (love that name btw), and it takes the cake for most intricate chandelier on this list! But just look at those results! One day I might be brave enough to give it a shot.

I hope you found some inspiration for your own statement lights today! Don’t forget to pin for later!


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