Embroidery Hoop Sphere

Embrodiery Hoop Sphere

I had a super productive 3 day weekend and finished 3 DIY projects. This is the first one I did, and you can make one yourself for about $4. I love these concentric circle spheres that seem to be taking over the world, but I’m saving up for a house and even the $20 ones I’ve found at Home Goods and TJ MAXX were more than I wanted to spend at the moment. Plus, when you’re really overhauling your decor, $20 here and $20 there really adds up, and before you know it you’re spending hundreds a month on “pretty things”. My frugal personality just doesn’t think that makes sense!

I made this one out of 2 embroidery hoops that I got at Hobby Lobby for $1.99 ea, and if you really want to pinch the pennies you could use the 40% online coupon for one and get them both for about $3.50. I used some stain that I had leftover from another project, but if you don’t want to go out and buy stain you can use this tea and vinegar method that instantly ages raw wood. Just know that it has a different effect on different types of wood, which makes the finish a little unpredictable. I don’t mind a little unpredictability when it comes to little industrial looking pieces like this though. I also already had some wood glue on hand, which is about $3.50 new.

Gluing Wooden Sphere

I glued my sphere together first and then stained, thinking it would mean less drying and flipping, but really it was messy and the stain didn’t really soak into the spots where I had wiped excess glue away. I would recommend staining the hoops first and then gluing. For the stain, I brushed on a coat of stain, wiped off the excess with a paper towel, and let it dry. Easy peasy. If you want it super dark, wait until it dries to wipe off the excess, and do a few coats. For the glue, I glued 3 joints at a time because I had 3 bag clips, and let the clipped joints dry for 30 minutes before moving on to the next 3. Don’t forget to wipe off the excess glue on the top AND bottom.

Stained Wooden Sphere

Here’s my sphere while it was drying, and you can see that there’s a decent amount of color variation even on the same hoop. That’s fine with me, because I consider variation to be character. You could also spray paint your hoops with an oil rubbed bronze spray paint for a different look. I’m even considering making a couple more and making hanging bedside lamps out of them. That probably won’t be until we get the house though. I hope this inspired you to go out and try this super easy and cheap DIY project! Don’t forget to pin for later!

Embrodiery Hoop Sphere


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