Paint Chip Wreath

Paint Chip Wreath

So I’ve had this paint chip wreath pinned on my DIY board for ages, and I every time I scrolled past it I kept saying “that’s easy! I should do that!” However, I came across a couple stumbling blocks while making it, so I wanted to share some tips and tricks with you guys should you decide to make one for yourselves.

First things first, you’ll need your leaves. I would grab 25-30 wide paint chips that have 3-4 colors each on them. I used Behr chips, but they’ve recently changed where the wording and logo are and it makes it a little trickier to cut them out and have a clean solid color. I like doing the chips with multiple colors instead of individual colored chips, because it automatically gives you an ombre look. I grabbed some in the light family, the medium family, and the dark family of the same hue to get a wide range.

Cutting out leaves

I first cut up my chips into the individual colors to make it easier to draw my leaf template on the back (so I knew where the edges were). Then I folded one in half, cut out my leaf shape, and used that one to draw the template for all the other leaves. I used pen and then threw them all in an envelope together, and the ink rubbed off on a few, so you might want to use a pencil. As I cut each leaf out, I folded it gently in half to get that leafy crease down the middle.


When I first got all my leaves cut, I just started gluing them individually on to my wire frame, which resulted in a gluey mess and didn’t let me get the leaves nice and fanned like I wanted. Later, I figured out that it was better to glue the leaves to each other in groups of three, and then glue the cluster to the frame. Less visible glue, and more fanned out leaves. Here’s what one leaf cluster looks like:

Leaf clusters

I alternated the leaf overlap in each cluster so they wouldn’t be quite so uniform. Then I started to realize that if I didn’t plan out my spacing, I would probably run out of clusters before I finished (which happened anyways and I had to go get more). BUT, here’s what it looks like to plan out your clusters to get an idea of good spacing. Also, here’s where the clusters have another advantage, because it’s very difficult to lay out the individual leaves this way.

Laying out the wreath

Just hover your wire frame over the loose leaf clusters to get the shape and size right. The clusters also make it easier to finish your last little bit, because you can just slip the last layer under the first. It was tricky to get my last one under my first messy leaves because they were so thoroughly glued down. Here’s my wreath almost finished (right before I ran out to get more paint chips).

Almost finished

My original leaves are right at the top of the frame, and you can see how much neater the clusters look. Here’s the final product again, and the best part is, it only cost me $2.99 for the wreath at Hobby Lobby. I hear dollar stores have wire wreath frames for even less, but I was already picking up some stuff at the craft store. For me, convenience is worth a couple bucks haha.

Paint Chip Wreath

One last note: my boyfriend Adam pointed out that the paper might not fare very well in outdoor conditions, so I give it all a finishing front and back coat of spray paint clear lacquer that I had left over from another project. It made it a little semi-gloss instead of matte, but hopefully I’ll get some more life out of it now. I’ll post an update after a while to let you know how the wreath holds up! Don’t forget to pin for later!

Please feel free to leave comments below =)


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