Spray Painting Glue Trick

Because I’ve been procrastinating about posting my new salvaged wood entertainment center (it’s seriously so hard to capture good light in my dark living room!), here’s a little spray painting trick for you!

Elmers-Glue Trick

This project was partially born out of laziness and partially born out of a long lost love for peeling off dried glue. When I was a kid, we used to entertain ourselves in class by smearing a thin layer of glue on the back of our hands and letting it dry, so that we could peel it off like a layer of sunburned skin (yuck, I know).

Clock Before

I had this little clock on my old entertainment center that had been around for years, and stylistically it wasn’t really doing anything for me anymore. The picture quality here isn’t great is terrible, because I forgot to snap a before picture and had to zoom/crop my craigslist ad for my old entertainment center. Inspired by my last makeover project, I decided to give it a fresh, brighter look.

Here’s where the laziness comes in. While it’s not super duper hard to tape off an inset square like this, I had the glue from my gold leaf project sitting out and I had a wild hair to try something a little different to protect the glass from the new coat of spray paint. (By the way, the glass on this clock is firmly attached to the frame, so I couldn’t just pop it out to spray paint solo like a picture frame). I have quick helpful instructions on spray painting on this post if you need a refresher course.

Spray Paint Clock 1

All I did was apply a layer of glue to the glass, carefully keeping the sides neat. I probably made my layer a little thicker than needed trying to get even coverage, but it did make it easier to peel off. The only downside to a thicker layer is you’ll have a thin band of the original color around the glass. This trick is seriously so simple, and the beauty of it is, I didn’t even use it to it’s full potential here. I think it would work amazingly well on mirrors with intricate curves, or really anything that would be difficult to tape off.

Spray Paint Clock 2

The fun part was peeling it off of course! I used a steak knife to work a corner up because I’m fancy and I like to use proper tools on my projects. Basically you can just use something sharp while being careful not to damage the surface underneath. A box cutter would work well if you want to be all official about it. Once you get a corner free, the rest should just peel off (ahhh, satisfying). I decided to leave the cracks in the wood because I thought it added a bit of character. If you have something you’re refinishing and you don’t like the surface imperfections underneath, remember that paint doesn’t fix imperfections! Just color.

Spray Paint Clock 3

You can see the little band of original black around the glass, but there would have been a little black left under the glass anyways, so I’m not sweatin’ it. The new clock is currently hanging out on my new entertainment center that I can’t wait to reveal, I just have to get a good full daylight picture on my next day off! Thanks for reading, and happy spray painting!


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