How to Spray Paint Accessories

Spray Painted Stag Head

This is a little project I did a while back that is a super fast and easy way to get a funky little accessory for your place. I’d rate this project a 1 on a difficulty scale of 1-5. It all started when I saw this super cute golden antelope head on, and I decided to keep a look out for any thing similar that I could spray paint.


Not even a couple weeks later I was browsing in Ross with a friend and stumbled across this little guy for $8. He’s solid cast iron, and he looked pretty cool as is, but my heart was set on gold!


If you’re on a DIY blog, chances are you’ve done a little spray painting in your day, but a little refresher never hurt anyone! The key to a good spray paint finish is making sure the surface is clean, lightly sanded, and to use short strokes in light coats. This guy didn’t need any sanding because his surface was already so rough, but the idea is to make sure that the paint has a little something to grab on to. Resist the temptation to spray the heck out of it to get solid coverage, because your paint will just glob up and run.


Here’s my stag (I refuse to call him a deer because stag just sounds so much cooler) after his paint job. Not quite as dramatic as the big antelope head, but still adds a needed touch of whimsy! Do you have an old figurine that needs new life? Go for it!

Happy pinning!


Spray Painted Stag Head

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